Our Properties & Conservation Restriction Trails (CR)

30 North Mill

Early stages of development Size: 7.6 acres.

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Sept 2013: 1,000+ acres and growing!

Braim Farm (own)

Early stages of development Size: 39.8 acres.

Brook Hollow

Accessible from Frankland Rd. or Cross St., this property contains the Susan DeGozzaldi Memorial Trail & the Margot Foster Overlook. The trail is a one-half mile hiking trail with large beech trees providing a unique landmark. This trail is open and accessible to horses.

Size: 13.6 acres

Deer Run/Brick Hill

This is a hidden treasure that is accessible by following Cross Street north into Ashland and bear left when you see a Cross/High Street sign. About ½ mile along Cross Street, you arrive at Fawn Ridge Road. Follow Fawn Ridge to the circle and look for the trail entrances to the north and south. The Deer Run...


Early stages of development Size: 5.5 acres.

EMC/ 52 South Street

Size:8.0 acres.

EMC/228 South Street

Size: 10.2 acres

Fruit Street Property

Size: 145.0 acres

Hopkinton Highlands II/Eagle Farms

This is the Trust’s newest property. There are numerous old cart paths in the property and they are unmarked as yet. The Trust will be marking and clearing trails this spring and summer. An update will be posted when this occurs.

Size: 70.5 acres.

Hopkinton Highlands III

More information is forthcoming.

Size: 31.4 Acres.

Hopkinton Meadows North St

The trail is around the perimeter of the property. It is accessed off of North Street and either entrance to Washington Lane. For the westerly entrance turn left and for the easterly entrance turn right. This trail is unmarked, but easy to find and follow. Size: 32.5 acres.

Karl Mighton Trail

Named after Karl Mighton, a well loved supporter of the Hopkinton Area Land Trust, this 3/4 mile walking trail is located opposite 64 North Mill Street. The trail crosses an intermittent stream via a wooden foot bridge and winds through pine forests, stands of oak, and many other natural wonders. Extend your walk...

Peloquin Estates

Early stages of development Size: 16.2 acres.

Sands Trail

This is a beautiful trail along a wooded ridge that overlooks a deep ravine. The trail was named after Douglas Sands, a Hopkinton science teacher who was a natural raconteur and passionate observer of nature. The trail is relatively short, but rugged in places. At the upper end of the trail, look for a path that rises to the...

Spring St/Hill St

More information is forthcoming

Size: 35 Acres

Terry/High School Property

The 1.1 mile Center Trail is the crown jewel of this 68.4 acre property. The trail head is located on Main Street directly across from Hopkinton Lumber. The trail generally follows a railroad line to Milford that was built in 1863 and removed in 1950. The trail head features a landscaped, crushed...

Whitehall Conservation Area

There are many trails in this property. The property is accessed on the south side of Wood Street (at 273 Wood) an there is a parking area provided for several cars. The Spine Road is accessed just beyond the gate at the south end of the parking area. The road can be followed all the way to...

Wiley Woods

Named after Judith Wiley, an ardent, early supporting of the Land Trust, Wiley Woods and the trail were the first properties and trail acquired by the Land Trust. It is accessible from south side of Franklin Rd. and contains a three-quarter mile hiking trail through diverse forest. The is a small graveled parting area along the...

Zettek Overlook

The Zettek overlook is located just past 52 Greenwood Road about a mile ater you turn onto Greenwood from Saddle Hill road. It's a small park like setting that the Trust maintains in cooperation with a local neighborhood association. A few short steps to the top from your car and the view to the West is spectaular -...

Zettek Wilson Street

The Wilson Street property is open to residents only as part of the deed of gift. Resident are welcome to use the property dawn to dusk.

Size: 8.3 acres.