About Us

The Hopkinton Area Land Trust (HALT) works to preserve, protect, conserve and enhance the natural resources both within and around the Town of Hopkinton, MA in order to maintain and improve the quality of life in and around Hopkinton for the present and future generations of its residents and visitors. The Land Trust will strive to provide an awareness of resource conservation in Hopkinton and adjoining towns, and will be the voice of, and catalyst for, permanent land protection. The Land Trust will be the principal source of information on private voluntary land protection for landowners, local officials, and the general public. The Land Trust will accomplish its goals with an active board of directors, other volunteers and staff, supported by donations, grants, and a permanent endowment.

Whether you have lived in Hopkinton your entire life or just moved here yesterday, we all agree that we love the town for its beauty, natural resources, and for the commitment of the community to maintain a desirable place to live. Experience has shown that land set aside as permanent open space has a restraining affect on future tax rates. As new homes tend to increase tax rates by increasing demands on town services in excess of those available services, open space not only tends to maintain tax rates, but adds to the natural beauty of the town, limits the demand placed on town services and benefits the overall quality of life in the town.

Betty Fitzpatrick
Caroline Geischecker
David E. Goldman, PE
Darlene McCormack
Mary Pratt

David S. Goldman, PE - President
Edwin Brohm - Treasurer
Ken Parker - Secretary & Clerk

Board of Directors:
David S. Goldman, PE - Chairman; Director for Land Acquisition & CRs
Edwin Brohm - Treasurer; Director for Grants & Newsletter Editor
Mary C. Pratt - Director/Founder
Brian Garrett - Director for Fund Raising
Jeff Furber - Director for Stewardship
Gail Clifford - Director for Scholarship
Beth Rohlfs - Director for Trails
Mavis O’Leary - Director for Community Relations
Kenneth Parker - Directer at large